M-Ibadah: An Android Application to Assist Older Adult Users in Performing Islamic Religious Practices

  • Nahdatul Akma Ahmad UNISEL
  • Azaliza Zainal
  • Saliyah Kahar
  • Mohammad Ashri Abu Hassan
  • Zuraidy Adnan
  • Muhammad Fairuz Abd Rauf
Keywords: User experience, elderly, spirituality, techno-spiritual


Older adults are the generation that shows large number of increase in Malaysia by 2030 whereas, it is predicted that 15% of Malaysian population is older generation. As Malaysia comprises majority Muslims community, therefore, it is believed that spirituality plays an important role in shaping older adults well-being and the advancement of recent mobile application technology can provide a solution for this issue. A series of workshop and interview session was conducted with 15 older adult users to explore older adults’ requirement for spiritual mobile technology. Based on feedback gathered from the participants, an apps called M-Ibadah Pro was developed to assist older adult users in performing daily Islamic religious activities by using mobile application. This apps contain six main modules which are Doa Collection, Prayer Time, Kiblah Locater, Hadith 40, Hijri Calendar and Zikr Counter which was developed by using Android platform. This study aims to enhance previous M-Ibadah apps by adding two more modules which are Hijri Calendar and Zikir Counter. The new version known as M-Ibadah Pro applies text resizing features, language, simplicity, audio and video, use of color and application design to tailor the older adult users’ need

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Ahmad, N. A., Zainal, A., Kahar, S., Abu Hassan, M. A., Adnan, Z., & Abd Rauf, M. F. (2018). M-Ibadah: An Android Application to Assist Older Adult Users in Performing Islamic Religious Practices. Selangor Science & Technology Review (SeSTeR), 2(2), 9-18. Retrieved from http://sester.journals.unisel.edu.my/ojs/index.php/sester/article/view/35
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