- Stability Analysis of Quadrotor


  • Nor Laili Mahmud Mrs
  • Rameswaran Gopal 1Department of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Life Sciences, University Selangor, 45600 Bestari Jaya, Selangor
Keywords: Lyapunov, Matlab, Quadrotor, Stability Analysis, UAV



The Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can fly independently or be operated remotely. Quadrotors are a form of UAV that has been widely used for a variety of purposes. Its system design incorporates several control approaches. This study aims to analyse the stability of unmanned aerial vehicle called Quadrotor, using Lyapunov method. Lyapunov’s stability theory was widely used for stability analysis of nonlinear dynamic systems. The key to applying the Lyapunov stability analysis is to find a Lyapunov function. The stability analysis analysed theoretically and also using Matlab software. So finally, the output from theoretical analysis and also output from Matlab approach are compared. From the comparisons, found that the result from theoretical method and Matlab method was same. Both methods prove the quadrotor system was stable. The difference between these two methods was the difficulty and process to obtain the result. The Matlab method was convenient and easy to use when compared to theoretical method. The results also more can be proved visually using graphical method in Matlab method which cannot be proved in theoretical method. In this study also, the fully derived mathematical modelling of Quadrotor presented, since in available papers out there its hard to find fully derived mathematical modelling of Quadrotor. So, this study will be helpful for quadrotor researchers to refer the fully derived mathematical modelling of Quadrotor.


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