Section Policy

Section Policy

Selangor Science & Technology Review (SeSTeR) accepts research, critical review, and conceptual articles.

Research Articles

Research articles should be highly scientific papers using a qualitative, quantitative, mixed and single-subject methodology, and focusing on the topics related to science, engineering and technology. Theory and practice are expected to be strongly connected in the submitted articles. The articles contain an investigation of the subject matter and are discussed in such an organization writing of Introduction, Methods, Results, Analysis/Discussion, Conclusion and make a significant contribution to Body of Knowledge.

Critical/Systematic Review Articles

Critical review articles should extract and interpret findings from published studies on the topic, then analyse, describes, and summarizes interpretations into a refined conclusion. SeSTeR seeks submissions connecting applicable suggestions with quality practices critically. Theory, policy, and practice are expected to be tightly connected in the submitted papers. Thus, a systematic review needs to synthesise the data on a clearly stated subject utilising analytical techniques to find, categorise, and evaluate research on the subject.

Conceptual Articles

A conceptual article addresses a clear research design, and that brings a very new perspective and raises a set of questions that are foundational to their idea. The conceptual articles provide new lenses for seeing things that haven’t been perceived before.