Call For Paper

Call For Paper

We welcome big achievers, professors, research scholars to contribute their original works in forms of case studies, empirical studies, meta-analysis and theoretical articles and illuminate the pages with their universal ideas and fresh perspectives to make the journal synonymous to the entire research field especially on the science and technology.

The editorial team of the Selangor Science & Technology Review (SeSTeR) invites authors to submit articles. The journals welcome contributions on a broad range of issues and themes regarding those relevant to the precise subject area chosen as main topic for a particular issue.

 Publication Process

The publication process is consisting with the following steps. Entire process will be completed expected within 1-2 weeks. Authors may submit their papers at any time. The submissions should reflect the guidance provided under ‘Guidelines for Authors’. Click here for Submission Guidelines  

Downalod the SeSTeR Journal Template (Please login to download)

Subject Area

Possible topics for submissions include (but are not limited to) the following:

Current theoretical, methodological, and epistemological challenges of applied computing and technology :

  • Ethical challenges of technologies, data, algorithms, platforms, and people in the computing
  • Interdisciplinarity in Computing
  • Modeling information system, technology behaviors
  • Impact of Industry Revolution 4.0
  • Approaches to data science and data analytics
  • Mathematics, logic and statistics in digital era
  • Solution of natural phenomena, physical sciences in digital arena
  • Application of computer application in functional and cellular biology, biotechnology, ecology, aquatic sciences
  • Engineering Mechanics and surveying using data science
  • Modeling & Simulations
  • Manufacturing Technologies

Important Dates

Paper Submission: any time. The journals use a rolling submission process, allowing authors to submit at any time during the year without time restraints. Manuscripts accepted for publication in the journals are published online, whereupon they may be cited by reference to the unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that is assigned to each manuscript.