A Study of Consumer Attitudes and Factors Affecting Electric Vehicles Adoption

  • Siti Hawa Mohd Yusoff Universiti Selangor
  • Noor Haliza Karim
  • Shahida Abd Latif
  • Hanita Hashim
  • Yati Ashikin Abdul Wahab
  • Zuraini Ayop
  • Azman Ariffin
  • Che Manisah Mohd Kasim
  • Sharifah Zuraidah Syed Abdul Jalil
Keywords: Consumer Intention, Correlation, Electrical Vehicle, EV Adoption, Regression


Electric vehicles have been gaining popularity and emerging as a recent trend. Many countries promote the adoption of electric vehicles as a means for their citizens to combat global warming and embrace more eco-friendly transportation options. This research primarily aims to explore the attitudes of consumers regarding the adoption of electric vehicles and the various factors that influence this decision. The primary objective of this study is to identify the key determinants impacting the adoption of electric vehicles. This research follows a quantitative approach and gathers data from 250 respondents in Selangor through an online survey conducted using the convenience sampling method. The findings reveal a significant correlation between consumer attitudes towards electric vehicle adoption and two pivotal factors: the availability of charging infrastructure and government financial incentives. The insights derived from this study can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, offering guidance to policymakers in formulating strategies and policies aimed at promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in Malaysia.


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