The Impact of Brand Image in Courier Company on Loyalty: A Customer Satisfaction as Mediator

  • Yati Ashikin Abd Wahab
  • Hanita Hashim
  • Siti Hawa Mohd Yusoff
  • Noor Halini Baharim
  • Tuan Azmar Tuan Daud
Keywords: Brand Image, Courier Service, Loyalty, Satisfaction


In today's competitive business world, a company's brand image and its products and services are incredibly crucial. As a result, the primary goal of this study is to look at the impact of brand image on customer satisfaction in the courier sector. In the context of courier service in Malaysia, it also investigates the links between customer satisfaction and brand image, loyalty intention and brand image, and loyalty intention and customer satisfaction. It is deductive research since the hypotheses were created based on existing literature and collected data to test the hypotheses. The convenience sampling approach was used to choose a sample of 949 respondents. Statistical and mathematical procedures including crosstabulation, correlation, and regression analysis were used for data analysis. Poslaju is the best option for personal courier services, while J&T Express is the best option for commercial courier services, according to the study. According to this study, brand image significantly impacts consumer satisfaction. In a courier firm, brand image has a substantial impact on customer loyalty intention, and customer happiness has a significant positive effect on customer loyalty intention. The vast majority of consumers are pleased with our courier services.


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