The Flow Behaviour and Backpressure in Exhaust Muffler for Cars using Computational Fluid Dynamics


Keywords: Backpressure, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Exhaust System, Flow Rate, Muffler


This research aims to design and analyse exhaust muffler in cars using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Exhaust mufflers in cars commonly have noise insulation and typical design to baffle the sound. In this research, the geometrical model of the car muffler was designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Meanwhile, the mass flow rate and the backpressure of the car muffler were analysed using CFD software. The influence of mass flow rate and the backpressure on the design of the car muffler had been studied. From the simulations, the critical points on the exhaust muffler part had been identified and some modifications were made to the current car exhaust muffler design to improve its performance. The trend of the mass flow rate and backpressure of the modified exhaust system was obtained. It can be observed that the mass flow rate of the exhaust gas had increased and meanwhile the backpressure decreased. It can be concluded that the modified car exhaust muffler design has increased flow rates and decreased backpressure which resulted in better engine performance.


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