A Review of Cryptography Based on Key Dependent S-Box in Block Cipher

  • Kamsiah binti Mohamed Faculty of Communication, Visual Art and Computing, Universiti Selangor
  • Fakariah Hani Hj. Mohd Ali
  • Suriyani Ariffin
  • Mohd Nazran Mohammed Pauzi
Keywords: confusion, diffusion, secure block cipher, dynamic, communication, security


Cryptography plays an important role in secure communication systems. It becomes extremely used in many applications such as wireless technology, online billing, e-business, secure log in, emails, etc. The encryption algorithm is used in cryptography to generate and encrypt a key in a block cipher. However,  a key dependent  process is needed to make cryptanalysis attacks  are difficult to discover the key in a block cipher. In this paper, a key dependent S-Box approach is reviewed to improve the security of a cryptosystem.  The study found that, a key dependent S-Box in a block cipher is more secure and efficient compare than static S-Box. As a result, a new approach of key dependent S-Box is needed to build more secure block ciphers based on performance and strong cryptanalysis.

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Mohamed, K., Hj. Mohd Ali, F. H., Ariffin, S., & Mohammed Pauzi, M. N. (2018). A Review of Cryptography Based on Key Dependent S-Box in Block Cipher. Selangor Science & Technology Review (SeSTeR), 2(2), 1-8. Retrieved from http://sester.journals.unisel.edu.my/ojs/index.php/sester/article/view/32
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