Car Tracking System Based On GPS and Image Transmission

  • Hazim Faisal Abdelwahid Elsayed
  • Chek Ming Ting
Keywords: GPS, car tracking systems, SMS, MATLAB, median filtering


At present days, the tracking systems in cars, together with the navigation systems, is one of the most robust businesses in car industries. This project will track the location of the car by using a GPS together with images transmitted to receivers. The purpose of the project is to solve stolen cars issues: by designing car tracking system based on GPS and images received through email. A comparison would be made between images captured before the car is stolen and after the car is stolen, to detect the image differences. The images would be received through emails. The tracking and navigation systems would be able to give the exact location of the car and the image of the person who is taking the car away. This will allow car owners to monitor their cars; it will also help the police to make judgments on car theft and penalize culprits.

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