Aplikasi Pengaturcaraan Gol bagi Penstrukturan Yuran Fakulti

  • Hasnur Hidayah Kamaruddin
  • Wan Rosmanira Ismail
Keywords: Fee structures, goal programming, higher education


The needs to revise the fees of higher education institutions have become more important due to the increase of operating cost. Eventhough these institutions do not set any maximum profit as the main objective, the financial resources generated through fees paid by students intake should be sufficient to cover all expenditures. Therefore, a systematic fees restructring process needs to be done as guidelines to the university or faculty involved. This study uses a goal programming method in the construction of model structuring fee. The model produced using LINGO 12.0 is intended to optimize the student fees, which later can be used to cover operating expenses in the faculty. In addition, the optimal priority structure can be developed to meet the upper limit, lower limit and the relative ratio for each subject offered by the faculty.

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