Characterization of Halal Protein Hydrolysates Extracted from Bycatch Fish Rastrelliger Kanagurta

  • Marini Ibrahim
  • Roshani Othman
  • Nur Akmal Suliman
  • Intan Faraha A Ghani
  • Hasdianty Abdullah
  • Hazeeq Hazwan Azman6
Keywords: Acid hydrolysis, Chemical hydrolysis, Culture medium, Optimization


Rastrelliger kanagurta, one of species from by-catch fish has been exploited for extraction of fish protein hydrolysates to determine the proximate composition of extracted fish protein hydrolysate through acidic and alkaline hydrolysis. The results of this study indicate that the protein hydrolysate obtained from both hydrolysis showed highest protein concentration which 64.1±0.2 and 50.5±0.1 respectively. Meanwhile, the composition of lipid at pH 3 is 2.5±0.1 and pH 12 is 10.0±0.2, much lower in hydrolysed samples compared to unhydrolyzed samples. The extracted fish protein hydrolysates showed the capability to provide nitrogen source in the culture medium for the growth of lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus species as good as commercial peptone. The lag phase of Lactobacillus sp. was shorter in the commercial peptone broth and fish protein hydrolysate from acid hydrolysis compared to fish protein hydrolysate from alkaline hydrolysis. In conclusion, the proximate composition of fish protein hydrolysates from R. kanagurta were successfully determined and had showed the potential as medium for Lactobacillus species growth.


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