Chemical Sensor Development Using Planar Interdigitated Electrode

  • Izyani Mat Rusni Department of Engineering, Faculty Engineering and Life Sciences, Universiti Selangor
  • Redza Behrafi Department of Engineering, Faculty Engineering and Life Sciences, Universiti Selangor
  • Juwairiyyah Abdul Rahman Department of Engineering, Faculty Engineering and Life Sciences, Universiti Selangor
  • Salina Muhamad Department of Engineering, Faculty Engineering and Life Sciences, Universiti Selangor
Keywords: Chemical Sensor, Impedance Measurement, Interdigitated Electrode


This study consists of designing Interdigitated Electrodes (IDE) using AutoCAD for chemical solution detection. Three types of IDE sensors were designed based on different types of parameters such as length, width, space between electrodes and sensing area and the effect of electrode spacing and electrode length were then analysed for chemical solution characterization. The IDEs were fabricated on FR4 using photolithography techniques. The sensing approach was based on distinguishing a shift in impedance value of the sensor when material under test is introduced at the sensing area. The IDEs were then experimentally presented as sensing element for characterization of chemical solvents such as tap water, distilled water, ethanol and methanol. The impedance measurements were collected and analysed using Microsoft Excel. From the experiment conducted, an observable shift of impedance values was identified upon introduction of material under test. It is identified all the parameters affects the impedance value of the chemical solvents. Therefore, the impedance measurement given by the proposed sensors is very potential to provide information for chemical detection.


Author Biography

Salina Muhamad, Department of Engineering, Faculty Engineering and Life Sciences, Universiti Selangor




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