Editorial: Transformation of Manufacturing in Digital Age

  • Setyawan Widyarto


Manufacturing processes are being transformed by innovation in computing, control, mobile communication, artificial intelligence and advanced materials. The way manufacturing firms work would be changed by digital automation, focused on networks and developing an opportunity to provide new services in clouds rather than simply producing and selling goods. In order to create the digital automation that truly benefit all, researchers, industries, policy makers and business leaders need to develop new methods and work together. Data and the ability to manage it efficiently are crucial for exploiting emerging computing, such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, that are transforming manufacturing process. For example, advanced analytics and AI need large quantities of data to train algorithms for decision-making and prediction. Not all manufacturers, however, have adequate data or skills to power these applications. Future computing will extend to new computing governance models, widespread applications, a broader computing reach, unlocking big data, cybersecurity evolution, environmental impact of computing and overcoming technological limitations.

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