Characterization of Phenol-Degrading Bacteria: A Review

  • Norazah Mohammad Nawawi
  • Mohd. Yunos Shukor
  • Abdul Latif Ibrahim
Keywords: Screening, isolation, characterization, bacteria, fungi, yeast, Phenol biodegradation


Phenol and its higher homology are aromatic molecules that originate from industries waste and occur naturally in our environment. Biodegradation is a major mechanism of removal of pollutants from a contaminated site. This review focuses on the recent researches on characterization of phenol degrading bacteria around the world. Scientist interested to have their own isolate because there is no individual organisms or groups of organisms that were universally appropriate and applicable for bioremediation because place of origin does play a role in determining the important properties of microorganisms. The compatibility to the application site as well as the biochemical and physiological potential of the microbes should be considered. Degradation of phenol occurs as a result of the activity of a large number of microorganisms with bacteria as the major player. Characterization of phenol degrading bacteria has resulted in bringing out the possible biological mechanism to remediate the phenol contaminant in the environment.Screening

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