Editorial: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

  • Setyawan Widyarto


This issue of SeSTeR is the special issue about STEM Education. Technology is transforming the ways we collaborate and work quickly, integrating people in more sophisticated ways and opening up new possibilities. Therefore, people nowadays need to develop digital fluency and early-age expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) if they want to be prepared to succeed in the new workplace - and in modern society. The issue highlights the current situation students interest in mathematics, the influence of money attitude towards spending behaviour among students, an integer programming approach for locating preschool of children with disability, the relationship of some important skills on students’ attitude and perception towards STEM and two research papers in science. We notice that diversity and inclusion in science would be an important key issue. We may agree that science may be unbiased and rely on facts, but it is executed by fallible human beings. Therefore, scientists must become better positioned and valued as leaders. In the same time, we should also believe engaging the public with science by building greater trust in science is essential for putting the world on a more sustainable path. Knowledge and identity of future generation will be becoming the most significant key issue affecting science. This key issue is connected to developments in other fields, topics or economies. Government, business and academia must work hand in hand even though they may have potential of political interest.

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