Perceptions and Barriers of Islamic Transactions Among Halal SMEs in Malaysia

  • Syahirah Ismail Universiti Selangor
  • Suziyanti Marjudi
  • Wan Azlan Wan Hassan
  • Raja Mohd Tariqi Raja Lope Ahmad
  • Aza Azlina Md Kassim
  • Roziyani Setik
  • Azhar Hamid


The Halal Supply Chain landscape in Malaysia is ever growing, with Halal SME as its backbone. Since its enormous growth, Halal SMEs have faced challenges due to lack of business and financial management skills. This paper aims to study the perceptions and barriers in conducting Islamic Transactions among Halal SMEs in Malaysia. It aims to investigate the current use Islamic transaction among SMEs globally and issues related to Islamic transaction that arises in Malaysia, specifically amongst Halal SME Owners. This paper uses qualitative methods in round-table interviewing Halal knowledge Experts, SME Owners, SME Experts, and Technologists. From the expert discussions, it is found that the main perceptions and barriers in conducting sharia compliant transactions among Halal SME Owners in Malaysia are divided into 8 internal and external factors. From these results, suggestions were given by the expert on how to overcome it.

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Ismail, S., Marjudi, S., Wan Hassan, W., Raja Lope Ahmad, R., Md Kassim, A., Setik, R., & Hamid, A. (2020). Perceptions and Barriers of Islamic Transactions Among Halal SMEs in Malaysia. Selangor Science & Technology Review (SeSTeR), 4(2), 11-19. Retrieved from
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