• Hasnur Hidayah Kamaruddin
  • Khairil Bariyyah Hassan
  • Zuraini Ayop
  • Sharifah Zuraidah Syed Abdul Jalil
Keywords: Kuala Selangor, preschool of disabled children, integer programming


Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in human’s life. It is a period of great opportunity as it forms the basis of intelligence, personality, social behavior, and physical development. This made early childhood education crucial for all children whether the children with or without disability. However, there are many challenges faced by the disabled children to start their early education in mainstream preschools. It can caused by insufficient of disabled friendly facilities, inadequate well trained teachers and lack of social support. Therefore, the special school is needed to these disabled children to ease their learning process. The aim of this study is to locate the potential preschool areas according to the distance in between the mukims of Kuala Selangor. The expected outcome will supposedly suggest on how many preschool needed for children with disability in this province. An integer programming approach is used in constructing the numerical model and output created by LINGO software. 


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