Physicochemical, Sensory and Microbiological Analysis of Banana Jam Value Added with Collagen

  • Rodiah Mohd. Hassan
  • Nurul Aishikin
  • Nurul Ain
Keywords: Jam, collagen, banana – Musaceae Cavendish


This study was carried out to investigate the possibility of producing jam from banana which was value added with collagen. Evaluation on the physical and chemical properties and consumer acceptability of the product were also performed. Three formulations of banana jam (835, 759 and 291) were formulated along with other ingredients by varying the ratios of banana and water content. Approximately 1.0% of collagen was employed for each formula. Two types of sensory evaluation test were conducted which were hedonic scoring test and ranking test. From the results, the overall acceptability was rated highest for sample 835 and the sample was furthered characterize with microbiological analysis (total plate count and yeast and mold count) for 60 days storage at 4 °C and 30 °C. From results obtained, storage revealed that sample 835 could be safely kept beyond 60 days under refrigeration (5 °C).  Physical analysis of the jam showed that sample 835 had 68.89% of total soluble solid and 31.63% of moisture content. Meanwhile for the chemical analysis, result indicated that pH, fat content, and total acidity were 3.73, 5%, and 1.09%, respectively. This study indicated that the use of banana and collagen may be attractive to consumers as positive alternative to conventional fruit in jam production but further studies should be performed.

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