Agile Transformation among Global Delivery Centres in IT Based Service Providers

  • Nik Nordiana N Ab Rahman
  • Hema Subramaniam
  • Potriyen Selva Subbuodayar
Keywords: Agile Programming, Call Centre, Spiral Method, Kanban tools, Multi National Companies, SME, Critical Success Factor


Agile methodology is a leading approach in digitalization era. Furthermore, it has become an appealing alternative for IT based service providers in an attempt to improve their work performance. However, the methodology which were originally designed for small and individual teams need to be tailored to cater for multinational companies. This creates a number of issues while introducing agile at a large scale, when development teams must synchronize their activities, and there might be a need to interface with other organizational units. Despite knowing the importance of identifying the potential threat while the agile transformation process takes place, there are lack of studies in identifying those challenges in the context of Information Technology (IT) servicing. This study attempts to collect and identify the major issues while implementing the agile methods in multinational companies whose aim to provide IT services. Consequently, the core success factors that contributed to the accomplishment of agile transformation at large scale companies were identified as well. The initial data regarding challenges and critical success factor was collected via literature study. On the other hand, the controlled observation technique using Kanban tools were used to elicited those elements from the real agile transformation activities. Mapping strategy is used to extract the most significant challenges and core success factors while transforming into agile working environment. As a result, all the challenges and success factors which were existed during agile software development, also were faced during the agile transformation for IT servicing. Those elements identification would be a guideline for the other multinational companies in their attempt to transform into agile environment.

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