Special Issue: Science and Technology for Society

  • Setyawan Widyarto


Supply chains are the global economy's circulatory system, ensuring that we have access to the goods we need to conduct business and live. Despite their critical relevance, most people are unaware of supply chain complexity, and only become aware of it when it is disrupted and becomes troublesome. Their susceptibility and environmental effect had already become key causes of concern prior to COVID-19. Specialized logistics service providers are in charge of much of the physical movement, handling, and storage of items, and their job is only getting more difficult as the global economy recovers from the pandemic. This issue delivers the first paper entitled Parametric Study and Risk Analysis of Single Point Mooring (SPM). Chain Line due to Fatigue and Corrosion Effect. The SPM is a floating building structure that works as a mooring and interconnection for unloading cargo on ships. In process of unloading on tankers, there are several obstacles, one of the obstacles is breaking of SPM mooring line when the unloading process is in progress. Then it is followed by the paper on the Impact of Brand Image in Courier Company on Loyalty: A Customer Satisfaction as Mediator. The issue then goes to the Internet of Things, or “IoT”. IoT surrounds us with networks of smart, web-connected devices and services capable of sensing, interconnecting, inferring, and acting and it becomes people daily life. In relation with the webs, this issue continues with a paper entitled Proposed Search of Intelligent Information System for Disease Diagnosis Using Semantic Web. Readers may read the remaining abstracts of all articles in this issue. All ten articles in this issue could be put under Science and Technology for Society. All of them have been presented in the International Postgraduate Conference on Science & Technology 2021 (IPCoST21) that was held and organized on 1 – 2 December 2021 by the Centre for Graduate Studies, Universiti Selangor (UNISEL).

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