Preliminary Literature Review on Data Breach

  • Nur Azlan Abdul Rahim
  • Norazmir Mohd Nordin
Keywords: Cybercrime, Jabatan Perlindungan Data Peribadi, Personal Data, Personal Data Protection Act


In Malaysia, the digital economic revolution is seen as significant especially when the country is hit by the Covid-19 disaster. Various products, especially food, are ordered through digital systems. This is due to the movement control order (MCO) imposed by the government which limits the travel of the people. Indirectly,  this also causes an increase in data in the virtual world as a result of ordering goods earlier. What is worrying is that this scenario could attract data rogue or cybercrime, especially data breaches. Worried about being too passionate about filling out personal data on a website, not realizing that it is a fake website. Thus, the users or customers were exposed to his or her data to an authorized party. This certainly threatens consumers when their personal information can be misused for personal or criminal purposes. Thus, this paper will discuss the importance of implication issues and challenges in the data breach. 


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