UNISEL Islamic Centre Application using Mobile

  • Marina Binti Hassan Ms
  • Nur Razia Mohd Suradi
  • Suziyanti Marjudi
  • Abdul Qayyum Isahak
Keywords: mobile application, mobile, mobile platform, mobile islamic application


The purpose of UNISEL Islamic  Centre  (UIC) Campus Bestari Jaya organizes activities that allow students to take part of the activities provided by the Islamic Centre.  UIC will notify all events that been conducted on the mosque so that each student gets the information and students can attend the program. Among the activities organized by the UIC include ceramah agama, courses, qiamullail, tazkirah, maulidur rasul and others. Currently, UIC Campus Bestari Jaya using ISMS Service to give information to users about event or activities via SMS. This caused Islamic Centre to make a payment based on how many people are receiving the SMS. Service ISMS has caused some problems where Islamic  Centre requires user phone numbers to allow the sending of SMS being made and ISMS service costs are high because the price according to the number of SMS and MMS sent by the user. An online survey has been conducted among the students to identify the needs of having new tools in dissemination the information to the students. As a result, a mobile application has been developed for UIC to replace the existing practice. This application consists of three types of notifications which are event notification, quote notification and reminder notification.


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