Editorial: Electrical and Electronic Technology Updates


The use of electrical and electronic technology has constituted global electricity systems and advanced electronic manufacturing. Meanwhile the cooperation with telecommunications and IT field has included ideas national policies and global population. Since Thomas Edison’s inauguration of the Pearl Street Station, the world’s first commercial power plant, in 1882 electrical and electronic technology have driven digital technologies and been transforming system planning and operations. These technologies are also creating opportunities to the more than 1.1 billion individuals who still lack access to an essential commodity. Many efforts are underway to expand create greater geographical interconnections, and to ensure the security of supply in the face of cyber threats and natural disasters. There is a global trend towards the integration of national, state, and local electric power systems in order to create supranational or regional electricity entities. However, the efficient utilization of electricity generation resources is made possible by the creation of regional markets with enough size to exploit economies. Moreover, distributed energy resources are transforming the ways electricity systems are planned, operated, and used. In this special issue we have seven articles. 

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