Faktor Penentu yang Mempengaruhi Kadar Kepuasan Pengguna Bas Smart Selangor: Kajian Kes Di Bandaraya Shah Alam

  • Hanita Hashim Universiti Selangor
  • Yati Ashikin Abdul Wahab
  • Hasliza Mohamad Ali
Keywords: Bus Passenger, Customer Satisfaction, Free Service, Service Quality, SMART Selangor


Selangor state vision is aspiring to be a caring smart state in close engagement with people. One of the empowered by smart infrastructure as to strengthen Selangor to be premier state in 2025 is the initiative by Selangor government by introducing free SMART Selangor bus service in July 2015. In addition, the implementation of this service in parallel with “Go Green” low carbon concept that already operating in Shah Alam. The objective of this paper is to identify customer satisfaction towards three elements namely Comfort, Accessibility, and Safety. The findings of this study show that there is a significant relationship between customer satisfaction with Accessibility, and Comfort. The study also found that all three dimensions are positively related to the SMART Selangor bus user satisfaction. The only grievance from the free bus is the irregular travel time and the discomfort of bus stops. Thus, this finding is essential to foster close relations between the state government and people of Selangor.


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